Coronavirus outbreak: how will the Chinese economy react?

Shanghai, January 30th 2020   As a result of the outbreak of the 2019-nCoV, at least 170 people are dead and over 7,800 cases have been confirmed in Mainland China, at the time of writing. The virus has also spread globally and reached 17 countries, with 84 confirmed cases. China is sparing no effort in trying to contain the spread of virus and saving lives. There was a marked shift in the handling of the [...]

Understanding and harnessing the power of Key Opinion Leaders in China

Our previous article has introduced the KOL phenomenon. The next question to answer is, how impactful are these KOL in reality? Take for instance two particularly impacted industries in China: fashion and beauty. By involving several KOLs, a Weibo (Twitter-like social media) hashtag activity hosted by beauty brand SK-II in 2018 generated a massive amount of views and comments; by the end of February 2019, this activity had received 200 million reads and triggered 1.78 [...]

The role of Key Opinion Leaders in Chinese e-commerce

In our previous article, we dug into the complexity of China e-commerce and some major implications for international brands. One of the major take-aways was that China e-commerce strategies cannot be designed "in a vacuum"; any China e-commerce strategy must consider the overall physical and digital landscape that drives the Chinese consumer's decision journey. As a matter of fact, while e-commerce itself can often be a channel that drives awareness and consumer education, it is [...]

Reaching the Chinese online shopper: a framework to understand which e-commerce platform will fit your strategy

In our previous article, we explained why China’s e-commerce has reached unprecedented levels of complexity and sophistication, presenting both an opportunity and a challenge for international brands developing a commercial strategy for the Chinese market. At Battaglia Advisory Services, we developed a framework aimed at guiding the definition of any e-commerce strategy for China. In the market, each relevant e-commerce player can be described across three dimensions: Product Category Focus, Business Model and Border [...]

Reaching the Chinese online shopper: how China became the world’s largest e-commerce market

China has become the largest e-commerce market and its online shopping ecosystem is unquestionably the most exciting, innovative & unique in the world. Globally, it has set the benchmark for online shopping. Domestically, it has become a channel that cannot be any longer considered secondary by brands aiming at succeeding in the Chinese market. Its current scale and forecasted growth already made e-commerce a strategic priority for players across several Consumer Goods segments, from [...]

Cost optimization in China

China is the famous “world manufacturing factory”, which has many No. 1 in the production volume in different categories. CLIENT BACKGROUND Our client is a mid-sized medical device and consumables manufacturer, who want to enter China mar-ket. They launched the project to better understand how’s China market, where are the risks, how to define the strategy and what’s the action plans. KEY FINDINGS With the 2009 new blueprint for healthcare reforms and the 12th [...]

In the Press

Conad Tirreno: ecco la soluzione 4.0 da applicare ai punti vendita

La soluzione, che Sixth Sense attuerà insieme alla società di consulenza Battaglia Advisory Services e ad altre tre startup (AB Zero, Co-Robotics e Nextome) partirà all’inizio del 2019. L’innovazione non ha limiti e arriva anche dove non ci si aspetta. Uno dei campi interessati dalla rivoluzione 4.0 è il settore vendite: si parla di realtà aumentata, comandi vocali, specchi interattivi. Cosa riserverà il futuro? Per sapere di più il polo tecnologico di Navacchio ha indetto una challenge lanciata in occasione dei 15 anni dell’Incubatore d’Impresa. Sixth Sense è arrivata alla fase conclusiva  della challenge di Conad lanciata nell’ambito della business [...]

La classe media cinese è sempre più ricca, e se non lo capiamo in fretta saranno guai

Le aziende occidentali in genere non capiscono che il mercato cinese in pochi anni sopravanzerà quello occidentale. Investono, poco, male. Atteggiamento miope. Eppure basterebbe più attenzione per aprirsi prospettive nuove, e ghiotte. Da Linkiesta In Europa, parlando dell’economia Cinese, si sottolinea sempre la necessità di un forte aumento dei consumi, che oggi pesano meno di Export e investimenti (rispetto ovviamente alle altre economie sviluppate). Si dice spesso che questa sarà la sfida del secondo mandato del Presidente Xi Jinping. È sicuramente vero che il peso dei consumi privati sul PIL Cinese è inferiore rispetto all’Occidente (37,1 % in Cina nel 2015 [...]

Alibaba’s singles day sets new record, but the real takeaway is getting overlooked

As easily predicted by all industry analysts, for the eighth year in a row, Alibaba has crushed its own record of Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) sold through its platforms during its “11.11 Singles Day”, the largest online shopping event in the Chinese market, and in the whole world. The figures, as well as the trend of increasingly high records set at each yearly edition of the event, have been profusely reported on by the media already, but they are nonetheless worth a bit of a refresh here. In 2015, Alibaba closed the daily online shopping bonanza by totaling a GMV [...]

Alibaba e il “Single Day”, quando una ricorrenza scherzosa diventa il festival del consumismo

Il sito di e-commerce ha ricavato 17 miliardi di dollari dall'11 novembre dello scorso anno. Ma cosa c'è dietro questa manna per l'economia cinese? Da Linkiesta Stando alle previsioni degli analisti, Alibaba si prepara a infrangere nuovamente il proprio record di “valore totale di merce venduta” in un singolo giorno con il suo “11.11 Singles Day”, ovvero il “giorno dei single”, il più grande evento giornaliero di shopping nel mercato cinese e del mondo. Le cifre, cosi’ come il trend di crescita, sono state ampiamente discusse nel Novembre 2016, ma restano nondimeno impressionanti se rivisitate oggi. L’11 novembre 2016 Alibaba [...]