Market Study for Chinese Outbound Leisure Tourism

Our client is a world-famous resort chain group. The project was aimed at investigating the market for Chinese outbound leisure tourism and design a better strategy. MARKET SITUATION Thanks to rapid urbanization, rising disposable incomes and relaxation of restrictions on foreign travel, the market for Chinese leisure tourism has been growing extremely fast. There were almost 40 million outbound leisure departures in 2013 (growing at 12% per year) and the number is expected to [...]

Opportunities for Healthcare in China

China represents one of the most rapidly growing healthcare markets in the world and is expected to keep growing for the next decade. Potential opportunities exist in all sectors: Pharmaceutics, Medical Devices and Medical Services. CLIENT BACKGROUND Our client is a mid-sized medical device and consumables manufacturer, who want to enter China market. They launched the project to better understand how’s China market, where are the risks, how to define the strategy and what’s [...]

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