Cost optimization in China

China is the famous “world manufacturing factory”, which has many No. 1 in the production volume in different categories.

Our client is a mid-sized medical device and consumables manufacturer, who want to enter China mar-ket. They launched the project to better understand how’s China market, where are the risks, how to define the strategy and what’s the action plans.


  • With the 2009 new blueprint for healthcare reforms and the 12th Five Years Plan (2011 to 2015) the government emphasizes the role of foreign investments and private capital (also through Pri-vate Equity funds) in the development of the healthcare sector
  • New areas of activity have been opened to direct foreign investment (e.g. Medical services)
  • There is a huge gap to be filled in between the public service (almost free of charge but with very poor service) and the few private initiatives (with good service but extremely expensive)

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